App Store vs. Play Store Beta Testing

We decided to go with a mobile first approach for Pawprint and the time finally came last week to get the Pawprint mobile app into the hands of testers (if you are interested in joining our beta, please sign up at

Pawprint Logo

The brave and/or reckless would submit to the app store directly but we are testing out all our processes and ironing out bugs first. This means learning and wrestling with the Play Store and the App Store beta processes – no simple task I assure you. This blog post is NOT a step-by-step tutorial (there are a million out there) but rather a guide on how to sail smoothly through this process by following the right tutorials and how to avoid some common pitfalls. This will serve you best before you start the process at all so you have a clean slate.

*Note: I built in Ionic, a framework that wraps Angular with Cordova (formerly Phonegap). This means the code for both Android and iOS are written once in Javascript and then built and packaged for their respective platforms. There are some Ionic specific tips sprinkled throughout

Deploying Play Store

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