Hack Reactor Program Q & A

A reader reached out to me about my experience at Hack Reactor and I thought I’d share them as a Q&A with you all. Please feel free to ask additional questions in the comments!

11/3/14 update: More questions and answers added!

Q: How did you like the learning experience at HR? I can only imagine how tough it is working 12+ hours daily for 12 weeks. What was the most challenging part of your experience at HR?
A: It’s tough to keep the hours, they advise that you shut down all other parts of your life except sleep and working out which I definitely agree with. The focus is what allows you to accomplish so much in such a short period of time. Paul Graham of YC wrote a great post about the importance of not context switching too much. Additionally, the support system here is amazing. There are plenty of resources around (the hacker in residents, industry professionals, alum, a senior class) and the fact that your peers are all so dedicated makes it easier to keep pushing.

Quick tip: It’s important to learn the process of learning to code rather than brute memorization, this will save a lot of time and make you a better programmer in the long run. Continue reading


What is Pawprint?

For the long project period at Hack Reactor, I chose to work on a project that has been on my mind for over a year and to solve a problem I’m personally very familiar with. I have two little dogs, Bowser and Apple, and because of my lifestyle, these pups are well traveled. They’ve lived in multiple cities, they fly on holidays, and they’ve visited their fair share of daycares. Each time one of the aforementioned events occurs, we have to fill out a form and show proof of vaccination.┬áTheir paper vaccination record was getting beat up and even our vet was unclear on their vaccination dates.









Pawprint is solving this problem by being the source of truth on pet vaccination records.

  1. We are building the last form you will have to fill out to get your pets information
  2. We are going to call your vet and get your information for you so you, your groomer, your petsitter and everyone else can go about their day
  3. Once we have the information, we’ll display it all in an app for you so you have access to it at all times – we’ll even remind you when you’re due for another vet visit

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:

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